Case Study: Becky Li x Mini Cooper

Not so long ago, we published an article "L2 Interview: Chinese KOL Becky Li on WeChat and China’s Influencer Economy". Today we would like to share how Becky Li sold 100 limited edition MINI in 4 mins purely via her WeChat public account.

July 9th, China time, Becky Li didn't publish an long post as usual. On the contrary, she shared a picture of her and Mini Cooper Yours. In this photo, only 3 messages revealed:

1. Becky Li and Mini Cooper are going to do something together

2. The number of 100 - 100 cars? 100 lucky fans? going to give away 100 Minis?

3. Something big is happening on July 13th

This picture successfully got her fans remember the big date - July 13th and start asking questions about it.

July 13th, the big date, Becky Li published a long article sharing her dream car - Mini and a couple of UGC (user-generated content) posts to create resonance and bring her and her audiences much closers. She also revealed that July 21st is the real big date and the purchase will start at 9pm.

The highlight of this post is to allow her followers to pre-order the car - Mini Cooper Yours - only 100 available in China - limited edition - via her/Mini's WeChat post and Mini's official website.

From the moment Becky Li and Mini posted on their official WeChat accounts to July 14th (around 24 hours), there were more than 1, 000 pre-orders who secures their opportunities to get the 100 limited edition Mini Cooper.

On July 21st, Becky Li shared a post encouraging her followers (who pre-ordered) to complete the order and BOOM! all 100 limited MINI COOPER got sold in 4 mins and all payments completed in 50 minutes!

If checking Mini's website now, you will clearly see that all 100 Mini Cooper Yours were sold out and a wailing list is there waiting for you.

Campaign Highlights and timeline

** If interested in collaborating with Becky Li (Becky's Fantasy) and seeing more cases of hers, please contact us.

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